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Nevada is one of the top states in the country where millions of people vacation and move to and from every year. It’s a state known for gambling and some don’t make it through the risk and have to move. Moving state to state can be tough with packing and whatnot. It’s very important to hire services when you need them, especially for cleaning.

When you’re ready to move on and out, or sublet your home to someone else. Make the right choice and hiring Fast Friendly Spotless for a deep and thorough cleaning job. This checklist may include every room in the house. Or at least include the essential areas: bathrooms and kitchens.

If either one of these areas are dirty, it will be next to impossible to sell your home for the list price you want. With a professional house cleaning service like ours, you’ll be able to receive the highest quality care and attention to your home. Our checklist provides the following steps. It is these steps our employees must take to completely finish the room including:

  • Emptying out garbage disposal
  • Taking out trash
  • Running the dishwasher
  • Cycle wash
  • Washing and sanitizing the floors
  • Sanitize and clean all refrigerator and freezer components including behind the fridge

We’re even able to tackle that pesky oven and stovetop for those who want the utmost perfection of their home.

Our attention to detail allows us to provide top notch cleaning services in Nevada. When it comes to bathrooms, we make sure every spot gets cleaned and polished. This includes the removal of grime and gunk from showers or tubs. The cabinets themselves are also wiped down and thoroughly cleaned. as we want to make sure to get every spot.

Did you know that we’re also able to do walls? Those scuff marks from months of your kids putting their feet on the walls will exist no more if we have a say! Windows, blinds, sliding glass doors, tracks, and more, will all get cleaned if you say so! No more gross and dead bugs caught in the tracks of your windows before a house showing. As we’ll be able to remove that for you instantaneously.

Other ways to utilize our cleaning services

Our cleaning services in Las Vegas aren’t for just those skipping town. but they’re also for anyone who is experience tile and grout issues. Who doesn’t like their floors stripped and waxed, their carpets cleaned, and much more. Residences aren’t the only ones who can benefit either. We can also provide janitorial services for commercial businesses.

Get more bang for your buck

These aren’t the only cleanliness issues we can tackle. We want to provide a customized cleaning experience for you. We are willing to go the extra mile for a cleaning that you want. Because the housekeepers at Fast Friendly Spotless need such attention to detail. We only hire the most qualified and not random people who think cleaning is easy.



Las Vegas, Nevada

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