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There are many responsibilities a house cleaner has. While many feel that it is an easy job, it’s quite the opposite. Duties and responsibilities are quite high. There must be a set standard each employee must meet within the company. It’s not as simple as picking up laundry off of the floor after a young child. It goes as deep as making the house feel like a home again. In this article, we’ll talk about Green Valley House Cleaning. And duties of housekeepers from Fast Friendly Spotless in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Housekeeping responsibilities
Depending on the company worked for these responsibilities vary due to conditions, locations. Type of jobs such as commercial or residential ect. With ours, it goes beyond general housekeeping. It goes into deep cleaning and total cleanliness restoration. A general task list would be to clean as long as there is something dirty to clean. Where as other jobs want a more thorough job done and may require a bit of elbow grease.


Typical tasks include the following:


  • Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming
  • Washing dishes/dishwasher tasks
  • Doing laundry and folding laundry
  • Making beds and replacing linens
  • Overall dusting of the home, inclusive of TV’s
  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning ** most common
  • Salt pellets in water softener, water filter cleaning, etc.
  • Cleaning windows – the higher, the more expensive in some places


While these are general tasks, some of the more EXTREME tasks that housekeepers can accomplish are the following:


  • Pulling out refrigerator to clean behind
  • High inner and outer window cleaning
  • Pulling out other appliances to clean behind
  • Major stain removal from bedroom and living room sets
  • Carpet cleanup with equipment
  • Odd surface texture cleanup
  • Pet cleanup
  • And much more.



While these are more “EXTREME” compared to regular housekeeping surfaces, these are still tasks that many do. There are also different pay rates for different companies, locations, and tasks that will affect the overall outcome. When budgeting for a housekeeper, it’s important to know that the costs you’re paying cover the following:


  • The community in which you’re hiring the housekeeper
  • The size of the home in square feet
  • How many times you’ll need the area to be cleaned
  • How thorough the cleaning job is
  • The number of pets within the home
  • How many people are required to clean the home
  • How long they are there
  • Special equipment and requirements
  • Level of experience the housekeeper will need


Each rate is custom tailored for the home. Which is why it’s important to contact and speak directly with the company you’re trying to book. This is so that there isn’t anything hidden and you can get a breakdown explained.


Hiring house cleaning from Fast Friendly Spotless in Green Valley, Las Vegas, Nevada, doesn’t have to be hard. We Have qualified professionals ready to turn your house back into a home and for a great price. Don’t worry about the extra cleaning before that big party, sit back, relax. Take care of the things that are already on your plate – we’ll wash it after!

Green Valley House Cleaning