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House Cleaning Las Vegas NV

The hustle and bustle of Las Vegas will never die down. Therefore taking care of things at home can be a tad hectic between commuting, working, and having fun. Thankfully, there’s someone who can do that for you providing the best house cleaning services in Nevada. You can expect a lot from us including:


Exceptional customer service

High-quality cleaning products

Attention to cleaning needs (allergies, etc.)

Laser focus requests

And more…..


Our website allows the customer to ask for specific requests. And extras along with providing a detailed sheet of their home so we’re able to get it right. With our booking summary page, we’ll learn more about what type of home or apartment you have. The service dates you wish us to adhere to, and if you’d like it to be a routine type of thing.


In addition to dusting shelves, we go the extra mile and ask if you’d like us to clean inside the oven. We also do up to two loads of laundry, provide a deep house cleaning inclusive of the refrigerator. Clean the windows, and more! For those who also have a bit of trouble making time for grocery shopping. We’re able to pick up to 25 items and put them back in your fridge when it’s all clean.


Our services cover households that feature up to 6 bedrooms and can do it one time. Furthermore we can provide weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or every four weeks (once a month). With this, we’re able to cater to your schedule and work around the daily routines you may have. As a result our booking system allows you to live better by creating efficiency within your home. No more scrambling around to find time to clean up before that dinner party you’ve been planning for weeks. We’ve got your back for all house cleaning in Nevada.


Safety first


With each employee that is presented as an expert cleaner. Therefore each and every one undergo a rigorous background check. Because we refuse to leave someone untrustworthy in your home. In-person interviews are also conducted during the hiring process. We make sure they are nothing but supreme. Because our attention to detail translates to our seamless customer service we can provide the highest quality job.


We offer flexible choices


Are availability is your availability. We’re able to reschedule or cancel your cleaning at any time. You can pick your own dates for cleanings for optimal convenience. Rates start as low as $80 for a studio cleanup every two weeks. If you’re unsatisfied with your cleaning, you may call us, as there is a cash free payment. You only pay after your home is cleaned.


If you’re ready for a thorough cleaning on your watch for a low rate. Fast Friendly Spotless is the business for you to call. You’re only a step away from a happy home and we’re ready when you are.