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Why It Pays to Hire an Experienced Cleaner for Your Home

by | Dec 6, 2015 | Uncategorized

If you are excited about the prospect of interviewing and hiring a new cleaner to assist with housekeeping of your home, there are a number of factors to consider. After all, you are inviting someone into your home and giving them access to your personal belongings, which is an intimidating thought if you have never hired a professional cleaner before.

When it comes to choosing the right cleaner for your home, it pays to weigh all your available options and start by focusing on the cleaning companies who are established. Experienced cleaners can be independent or they can work for a business who managing scheduling; remember that both options can provide you with a quality service and price, depending on your personal preference.

Experienced Cleaners Know What Your Home Needs

The type of residential cleaning service you need for your home will vary depending on the season and where you live. Some environments are higher in dust and other particles like pollen than others, while some homes in cold or damp environments require additional treatments to discourage or control mold in bathroom, kitchens and other rooms in the home.

For instance, house cleaning in Las Vegas, NV requires dusting far more often than a home in a more temperate moisture area. The dryness of the Nevada desert also contributes to cracking and damage of wood furnishings, tables and accessories which require preventative maintenance during cleaning services. Residential cleaners in desert areas frequently use wood oil to treat furnishings, whereas similar treatments are required less often in other temperature zones.

Mold can grow in any moist environment, but it becomes a real problem in homes that are located in wet and more moisture ridden areas of the United States. Mold might be a problem in bathrooms for most people, but it can also be found around windows and along baseboards and trim in other homes. An experienced routine scheduled cleaner will advise you of any mold, and how to address it.

Checking References and Referrals

When selecting your residential or commercial cleaner, narrow down the list by asking for professional references. If you are committed to hiring a cleaner who has experience, they will have years of referrals from home and business owners in the area.

One way to test the integrity and quality of your prospective cleaner is to ask for references and observe their reaction. If they have no references to offer you, but claim to be experienced, something doesn’t quite match up and you should follow your instinct on that. However, if the prospective cleaner eagerly offers references (written or otherwise) or gives you some email addresses you can contact for a personal reference of their service, chances are you are dealing with an experienced cleaner, who has established positive business relationships within your community.

Negotiating Price and Service

An experienced cleaner is also likely to have some flexible options when it comes to cleaning services and pricing. You can provide your monthly budget for cleaning services and request a custom quote based on your budget; most cleaners will happily work with you to secure you as a long-term client. Remember to take your time when selecting a residential cleaner, and never feel awkward for asking any owner or service provider questions that help you choose the cleaner that is right for you.

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